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Referral Rewards Sharing

Invite someone as a referral, and you'll earn 18% of their monthly fees. The best part? You can decide how to split these earnings with them!

What "Percentage" values means:

0%: You keep all the 18% earnings. Your referral gets nothing.

50%: You split the 18% earnings evenly. Both you and your referral get half.

100%: You give all (100% of the 18% earnings) to your referral. You keep nothing.

*Choose any percentage you agree on, from 0 to 100, and FirstTensor will ensure the earnings are distributed accordingly every month to your and your referral's wallet addresses.

*In the Percentage column, please enter only numeric values without the "%" symbol or any other characters.

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Important Notes

Pending: awaiting verification.

Unconfirmed: the referee has not sent the 0.0001 TAO to the Neuron holder's wallet address.

Confirmed: the referral is now active.

Removed: the Neuron holder has removed the referee.

Neuron_Holder: the referee has become a Neuron holder, thereby exiting the referral program.

For your referee to appear in the Referrals List section, they must have their TAO staked to FirstTensor.

Your referral rewards will be displayed in the Monthly Referrals Rewards section once they are confirmed and at least one daily snapshot has been taken.