Synapses Referral Explained

If you hold more than 1 FT Neuron, FirstTensor offers you the opportunity to earn additional TAO rewards by referring new delegators to the validator. In order to do that, you must have one FT Neuron available for each new delegator you refer.

Invite someone as a referral, and you'll earn 18% of their monthly fees. The best part? You can decide how to split these earnings with them!

What "Percentage" values means:

0%: You keep all the 18% earnings. Your referral gets nothing.

50%: You split the 18% earnings evenly. Both you and your referral get half.

100%: You give all (100% of the 18% earnings) to your referral. You keep nothing.

*Choose any percentage you agree on, from 0 to 100, and FirstTensor will ensure the earnings are distributed accordingly every month to your and your referral's wallet addresses.

*In the Percentage box, please enter only numeric values without the "%" symbol or any other characters.

**Neuron holder referrer: The person who has the ability to refer someone. His wallet address will generate extra rewards coming from his referrals.

**Referee: The person who is referred to the Synapses program by the Neuron holder referrer.

**PIN: Use the same PIN to easily view all rewards generated by your referrals in one place.

Terms and Conditions

1. The referee address have to send 0.0001 TAO to the Neuron holder referrer address in order for FirstTensor to be able to confirm the referral relation between the referee and the Neuron holder referrer.

2. A referee must not hold Neurons to be referred. If they buy Neurons during a month, the Neuron holder referrer earns rewards until month-end for that referee. From the next month, the referee, now a Neuron holder, exits the referral program and receives tax returns directly.

3. If the Neuron holder decides to remove a referee for any reason, any rewards generated by that referee during the corresponding month will no longer be shared with the Neuron holder.

4. A 4 digit pin number is required in order to be able to login into Synapses Referral Portal. Please enter the same PIN number whenever you refer new delegators.

Referral Registration Form

* Marked fields are required to fill.