FirstTensor is the 1st Bittensor Validator powered by the people

As a Validator we help to secure one of the largest decentralized, blockchain-based, neural network in the world. This allows us to actively participate in the consensus mechanism of the network and earn TAO rewards. People can stake/delegate TAO trustlessly to us and earn
$TAO & Bitneuron ($NEURON) tokens rewards passively.

In a move to enhance the value we offer to our delegators, we charge a 0% fee for staking. Additionally, we are focusing on running our validator on all the active Bittensor subnets, aiming to provide the maximum APR for our delegators.

      • Generate TAO with 0% fees
      • Generate $NEURON tokens


FirstTensor Neural Cluster

Inspired by Bittensor network, the Neural Cluster contains a collection of 2795 Neurons.

Each FT Neuron has the capability to offer various benefits within the FirstTensor ecosystem to its owner, like free access to all platforms developed by FirstTensor and also boost the daily generation of $NEURON.


The Native Token of BrainTensor API

The Bitneuron tokens ($NEURON) will be generated by FT Neuron Holders & delegators and users.

The adoption curve of the tools built through the BrainTensor API will have a deflationary impact on Bitneuron tokens.

The first platforms built on BrainTensor API:

• - The first decentralized and incentivized advertising tool. Here, you can engage hundreds of influencers to drive traffic to your campaigns, revolutionizing how you reach your audience.

• - An AI-driven studio that allows you to unleash your creativity and monetize your ideas through Bitneuron Tokens.


What are the benefits of being a FT Neuron holder/delegator?

As a FT Neuron holder, you have access to exclusive features and benefits. Below, you will find a list of these advantages, as well as a comparison between them.

TAO Delegators
FT Neuron Holders

NO Staking Fees:

Staking your TAO with FirstTensor Validator offers the maximum APR since the validator fee is 0% and the team is consistently focused on running the validator across all active subnets to ensure the highest possible APR for its delegators.

Bitneuron Token Generation:

FirstTensor delegators will generate 20% of the Bitneuron token supply on a daily basis based on the amount of TAO staked. The more TAO you stake, the more $NEURONS you will generate.

Free Access to FirstTensor Apps:

Owning FT Neurons grants you free lifetime access to all AI tools developed on the Bittensor network, potentially saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars per year in subscriptions.

Bitneuron Token Rewards:

As a holder, you'll benefit significantly as the holders will generate 48% of the $NEURON supply, the native token of the FirstTensor ecosystem. The more FT Neurons you hold, the more $NEURON you will generate.


Why stake your TAO to FirstTensor?

Support Our Mission:

By staking with FirstTensor, you are not only contributing to the development of FirstStudio.AI but also supporting the integration of Subnet 16, our innovative infrastructure for decentralized advertising.

Double Benefits:

Staking with FirstTensor not only enhances your TAO rewards but also grants you Bitneuron tokens, the native currency of the BrainTensor ecosystem. This dual benefit adds significant value to your staking experience.

FirstTensor Validator
Other Validators




$NEURON Rewards:


$NEURON Rewards:


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