Bittensor TAO Staking Tutorial!
Easy Way To Stake TAO

1. Download the Polkadot JS Extension

Download it here: Download Now!

Supports both Chrome and Firefox browsers.

TAO staking

2. Verify the Polkadot JS Extension Installation

Ensure the extension is installed correctly by locating it in the top right corner of your browser (under the extensions category).

TAO staking

3. Add Your Bittensor Wallet Address

Click on the "+" sign and select "Import account from pre-existing seed".

TAO staking

4. Import Your Bittensor Wallet Address

Enter the 12 secret words of your wallet, click "Next", create a password, and finish importing your wallet.

TAO staking

5. Stake Your TAO

To stake your TAO, visit the FirstTensor Staking Page and click the "Continue" button.

TAO staking

6. Authorize Access

Authorize the Polkadot JS extension to connect with our site. This crucial step is secure, as all security measures are managed by the Polkadot JS extension, not FirstTensor. If the authorization message doesn't appear, refresh the page or click the Polkadot JS extension icon in the top right corner.

TAO staking

7. Stake Your TAO with the FirstTensor Validator

Select your wallet and the amount you wish to stake, then click "Stake." Confirm the transaction and wait a few seconds for a success message.
Congratulations! You're now earning passive income from TAO staking.
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TAO staking
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