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BrainTensor - FirstTensor API

BrainTensor represents the people's AI tools factory, where all tools built using the FirstTensor API will be interconnected through Bitneuron tokens.

In other words, one token will empower the entire economy of multiple products. The more tools are built, the greater the utility of the Bitneuron token will become.

How it will work: The FirstTensor Validator will launch its API, called BrainTensor. Through this key, developers will be able to access the Bittensor network intelligence and build their tools.

- Free Unlimited Access: Developers opting for this will need to integrate Bitneuron into their projects. To qualify, they must submit their product concept on the BrainTensor website, explaining how it will enhance the utility of the Bitneuron token. If the community votes in favor of the project, it will be granted complimentary API access.

- Paid Access: In this model, FirstTensor will allocate 70% of the profits derived from selling BrainTensor API access to buy and burn Bitneuron Tokens.

BitAds - Incentivized & Decentralized Advertising with Bittensor

Incentivized & Decentralized Advertising with Bittensor introduces a revolutionary approach to online advertising through a decentralized network built on Bittensor (Subnet 16). Aiming to disrupt the traditional advertising industry, BitAds offers a solution that significantly reduces costs for clients while incentivizing miners to promote and drive organic traffic to advertising campaigns.

FirstAds - Boost your marketing campaign The first app built on top of the BitAds infrastructure, where you can boost your Brand and Sales with an Army of Influencers.

FirstStudio - 1st product

FirstStudio.AI aims to become a revolutionary decentralized platform where creativity meets technology, enabling users to transform ideas into images, sounds, and videos through our Text-To-Media magic tools. This distinctive space not only allows the realization and sharing of imaginative creations but also provides our creators with avenues for monetization through the Bitneuron token reward mechanism.

Built on the Bittensor infrastructure, a decentralized neural network, FirstStudio.AI optimally utilizes the FirstTensor validator to offer these innovative AI tools at minimal costs. With an emphasis on quality and affordability, we are poised to accelerate the adoption of AI tools, marking a new era in artificial intelligence and creative expression.

BittensorStaking - The staking platform - A friendly platform with validator statistics and TAO token management. Your personal toolkit to check out Validator stats, use the TAO staking calculator, and easily delegate or undelegate your TAO tokens to the Validator you prefer.

BittensorMining - The mining platform The place to go when you want to learn how to mine TAO on different subnetworks within the Bittensor ecosystem. Our website will offer practical information and step-by-step guides, helping you understand the process of TAO mining in a straightforward and approachable way. - Coming soon -

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